Chiropractic Relief for Asthma & Allergies in Barrie & Ottawa

At the age of 14, I was swinging on a vine out over a 25-foot cliff. The vine broke and I fell, landing on my back on the rocky ground below. Within a few days, I started getting shortness of breath and felt very congested. After two weeks, I had my first full-blown asthma attack. It scared me to not be able to breathe. I thought I was going to die. My parents were also alarmed and took me to a medical doctor, thinking that was the best or only choice. Not so, as you will find out.

No More Sports

The medical doctor examined me and did an allergy test of 24 injections in each arm. I was allergic to almost everything. He diagnosed me as being asthmatic and prescribed Ventalin and Tedrill. He advised: “not to go outside in the spring and fall, to stay away from the things I was allergic to and to be careful in very cold weather.” He also said: “not to participate in sports.” There went my entire world, for my goal had been to play professional hockey. Finally he told me: “not to get too excited and not to laugh.” Can you imagine, a 14 year old being told not to laugh?

I always carried a puffer in my pocket in case I had an attack. I would have an attack every time I exerted myself too much or got close to anything I was allergic to. My mother had to dust proof the house, and in those days of coal furnaces that was not easy. She put plastic on the mattress and pillows and had to keep the house dust free.

Allergy Shots Brought On Asthma Attacks

The M.D. recommended allergy shots, which were incremental doses of the things I was allergic to. As the dosage increased, I became sicker until finally he would give me a shot and I would have another asthma attack.

I decided that since I could not play any sports that required me to run or skate, I would take up weight lifting, rationalizing that one of the best ways to combat an attack was to be strong. I would concentrate on the chest and stomach in order to help me breathe better. This was the only sport I could do without having an attack..

At the age of 18 I had two attacks in a row that were so severe I thought I was going to die. (Just three months prior to this, a man on our street had an asthma attack and died in front of his house.) I recall thinking: “I am too young to die; I have to fight back and pull out of this.” I was hacking, coughing and wheezing but I fought back.

My Inspiration to Become a Chiropractor

At the age of 24, my cousin, who was a chiropractic intern, responded in a rather odd way when I told him that I had asthma. His reply was “Oh good.” Immediately I responded: “What do you mean, good? Asthma is no fun. I almost died from it.” He said: “I mean it’s good that you told me because chiropractic can correct the cause of asthma and I’m excited that I can help you. You will be my first asthma patient.” Within a month and a half, I was running three miles a day and doing things I hadn’t done in ten years. This is what inspired me to become a chiropractor and to help all those unfortunate people who were suffering needlessly from a condition that can be corrected.

The Cause of Asthma and Allergies

There are many causative factors to be considered in the etiology of asthma and allergies, all of which are preventable and if present, are also correctable.

The following is a list of the causative factors followed by a more detailed explanation of how each is related to asthma and allergies.

  • We inherit the lifestyles and beliefs of our parents and are raised according to their understanding of health.
  • Some are not well informed and some have even been misinformed.
  • Mercury toxicity has been linked to allergies and asthma.
  • We may become subluxated at birth or from infant traumas, sports injuries, accidents, poor posture and later in life from occupational hazards. Specific subluxations can be related to allergies and asthma and can adversely affect the ability of the adrenal gland, liver, sinuses and bronchial tubes to work properly.
  • Yeast infections can be passed to the child during pregnancy. We can acquire parasite infections from our environment.
  • We have inherent food allergies according to our blood type and if we are fed the incorrect foods, allergic reactions develop.
  • Repeated exposure to toxic environmental pollutants weakens our immune system and makes us more susceptible to allergic reactions.
  • Dehydration is a key factor.
  • The level of toxins consumed these days is enormous and contributes to the ability of our immune system to handle them.

Lifestyles and Beliefs

We inherit the lifestyles and dietary choices of our parents. If the mother has a toxic lifestyle and has made consistently poor nutritional choices, then this will adversely affect our development inside the womb. Growing up in this toxic environment and eating the same nutritionally deficient meals as our parents, (if this is the case) affects the ability of our immune system to adequately adapt to the environment. As we become more aware of nutrition and toxins we can make choices that can improve our health.

Our ability to adequately adapt to the environment determines why some people get sick and others don’t. Basically, we are all born with an innate ability to handle the toxins, parasites, bacteria and viruses in our environment. We are also born with the microbes inherent in our respective microgeographical locations. These microbes, if fed healthy foods, such as fresh raw fruits and vegetables help keep the toxins to a minimum. These microbes will respond in a healthy way and your life expectancy could be as much as 120.These same microbes, if fed junk food such as: coffee, cigarettes, white flour, and devitalized processed foods, will develop in a different direction and can progress into some of the diseases we see today. Pasteur said on his death bed: “It is the terrain that is important not the bugs.” The answer is to clean up the “terrain” referring to the body and eating a healthy diet.

Mercury Poisoning

Most people are not aware of the possible consequence of mercury producing allergic reactions and even asthma. I would suggest everyone do their own research on mercury sources and check out a few web sites to get the actual facts on mercury and not rely on the very biased pharmaceutical promotions.

Website References:

Mercola web site has many hundreds of articles on mercury toxicity. Subscribe to his free newsletter and stay current:

Dr. Tim O’Shea D.C. is a chiropractor and has some good articles on mercury toxicity. Check out

Ted Koren D.C. is another chiropractor that has done some excellent research on mercury toxicity. Visit


Why do some people have asthma and allergies and others that have the same diet and environment do not? Chiropractic has the answer to this question and can also explain why chiropractors are able to help so many people with such a variety of conditions by correcting the spine.

  • The brain and nervous system control all the functions of the body.
  • When the bones in the spine become misaligned (subluxated) from the traumas of birth, accidents, falls, sports injuries, and poor posture the ability of the nervous system to control the organs is decreased.
  • When there is interference to the nervous system, the organ or tissue at the end of the nerve that is interfered with will not function properly.
  • This malfunction eventually leads to disease.

The Vertebrae that are the Causative Factors of Asthma and Allergies are:

  • The 9th and 10th thoracic vertebrae are the nerve supply to the adrenal gland. The adrenal gland controls the secretion of epinephrine, which helps to neutralize foreign proteins. If its production is interfered with, allergic reactions will occur in the parts of the body where other organ functions are interfered with by other subluxations.
  • At the level of T6 and T7, the liver is affected. The function of the liver is to filter out toxins from the blood and if it is not working properly, the next largest organ of elimination is the skin. When you combine subluxations of T9/10 and T6/7, you will manifest skin allergies in the form of rashes and hives.
  • At T1/2 the bronchial tubes will be affected. When combined with T9/10 subluxations, asthmatic reactions develop.
  • At C5/6 the glands and sinuses are affected. When combined with T9/10 subluxations the result is hay fever. Therefore, the combinations of vertebrae that are misaligned (subluxated) determine where the allergic responses develop.


It is common to find yeast infections and parasites as part of the causative factors in asthma and allergies.

Yeast and parasite infections both deposit their toxic waste back into the host’s blood, which stimulates the immune system into overtime to eliminate these toxins. The immune system is occupied with this elimination and does not have much reserve to neutralize other invaders (allergens). Allergic reactions result because the immune system cannot dispose of the allergens as it would if it were not over worked by the yeast and parasites.

Yeast infections also make a person more sensitive to mold and airborne fungus.

Blood Type

Each of the four blood types have inherent allergies particular to that blood type. The following are a few examples:

  • O type: Are extremely sensitive to dairy and wheat. These foods alone can trigger allergic reactions.
  • A type: All meats except chicken, turkey and some fish, most dairy products and bananas.
  • B type: Shellfish, American cheese, beans and lentils, tofu, tomatoes and ketchup
  • AB type: Venison, anchovies, blue cheese, sunflower seeds, corn flakes, olives, oranges and all vinegar.

It is important to find out what blood type you are and avoid the foods that cause allergic reactions.


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Excessive Exposure

Repeated or constant exposure to a particular chemical or food substance will adversely affect a weakened immune system. I see this often in an allergic or asthmatic person where they are actually allergic to their favorite food because of the constant exposure. In some of these cases the food is not right for their blood type as well. Living and working in environments where there is exposure to solvents, cleaning chemicals or manufacturing chemicals also weakens the immune system.


In most allergic and asthma cases the person is chronically dehydrated. This means the person does not consume enough water during the course of the day to adequately supply the body’s needs. It can also mean that the person consumes so many other toxic beverages that the water they drink is used up to eliminate the toxins. For example: drinking 6 coffees a day—for each cup of coffee that is consumed the body requires 1-½ cups of water to neutralize the toxins from the coffee. For those of you who do not know, coffee has 44 different toxic chemicals that the body has to eliminate, there are no nutritional qualities to the coffee, only toxic materials that must be eliminated. Therefore, at 6 coffees a day you need 9 extra cups of water just to eliminate the coffee. The same is true of pop.

If a person has 3 coffees and 2 pop a day they need 7 ½ cups of water to detoxify and an additional 8 cups of water to function properly.

The problems with being dehydrated are many:

  • The body is not able to eliminate toxins as well when dehydrated.
  • The blood is not able to carry oxygen or nutrients as efficiently.
  • Mucus accumulates in the bronchial tubes and sinuses interfering with breathing in asthmatics.
  • The brain is 80% water, if there is not enough, the brain does not function as well.
  • Drinking adequate amounts of water eliminates the mucous and helps the body to detoxify.


The level of toxins used in the production of foods and household products is substantial. For example, from our food, all of us take into our bodies toxic chemicals that are equivalent to the size of 6 to 8 aspirins a day. The immune system has to neutralize them.

Smoking also adds over 2000 toxic chemicals for our immune system to eliminate as well as decreasing the amount of oxygen getting to the cells.

In our evaluations of patients’ case histories I see atrocious diets consisting of: coffee and cigarettes for breakfast, coffee and donuts in the morning, burger, fries and pop for lunch, pop and chocolate bars for mid-afternoon snacks (all of course accompanied with many cigarettes). After work, a stop off at the pub for a few “quick ones” is necessary to unwind after a stressful day. When they get home they are too tired to prepare anything, so into the microwave goes a T.V. dinner. The evening consists of chips or popcorn and more beer while watching T.V. This, believe it or not, is how the majority of North American people live. It is called the Standard American diet, SAD for short, which is an appropriate acronym. Their immune system is bombarded constantly.

The body is unable to handle such large loads of toxins for any length of time. Allergic symptoms start to appear, aging is accelerated and body parts start to wear out. It is so obvious when consulting with some patients that their level of toxic intake is very high and the amount of nutrients consumed is very low. The balance of this equation pre-determines health, diseases and early death.

Why Are Allergies Seasonal?

When the snow melts the partially decaying leaves are exposed. This releases a multitude of molds and funguses in the air. If your immune system is not performing at its peak from the aforementioned causative factors, then allergic reactions will result. The same principle applies to the June grass, the blooming flowers and the ragweed in late August, which is overburdening the already fragile immune system.

How Can Chiropractic Help Asthma?

In 1970, when I was first treated for asthma, all that I had done was the correction of the misalignments in the spine at T9.10, T1.2 and C3.4 levels. As if by magic, my body started to function properly, no longer overreacting to dust or mold or exercise and producing asthma attacks. Now our treatment for asthma is much more sophisticated and includes exercise, diet, supplementation and cleansing programs. These are added to enhance the chiropractic treatment procedure and greatly improve results.


Over the years of treating so many Asthma patients I have found a particular supplement that helps the immune system tremendously. Some of our asthma patients have made tremendous reversals of the asthma they used to have by combining the adjustments with a product called MaxGXL. Max helps the body to produce its own glutathione, which boosts the immune system’s ability to function and help reduce or illuminate the adverse allergic reactions.


Once you understand how the body works and that the nervous system controls all of its functions, the natural conclusion is that everyone should see a chiropractor. Well this is true, but chiropractic is not everything. Chiropractic alone gets good results as I have experienced. Nutrition and cleansing also work well. Miraculous results are obtained when all three of these modalities are combined.

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