Healing the Injured Brain with Cranial Correction

How Cranial Correction Helps Heal Your Injured Brain

Correcting the positions of misaligned cranial bones can:

  • Increase the subarachnoid space, between the skull and brain
  • Facilitate healing by increasing the supply of nutrients to the brain through increased blood flow and oxygen supply
  • Decrease pressure on the brain and cranial nerves
  • Reduce the stretching and twisting of axons and neurons, increasing blood flow
  • Facilitate the production of healthy new brain cells
  • Encourage neuroplasticity in brain cells
  • Reverse the cascade of damaging chemical and inflammatory reactions
  • Dissipate swelling in the surrounding tissues
  • Release the stretching of the dura mater, the membrane covering the brain
  • Increase the flow of cerebrospinal fluid
  • Reduce the pull on the cervical vertebrae, facilitating better cervical adjustments and enhancing blood flow and neurological functioning
  • Relieve tension at the base of the brain, brain stem and spinal cord
  • Reduce pressure from a misaligned occiput and atlas
  • Increase blood drainage, which decreases intracranial pressure and increases the brain’s ability to eliminate toxins and heal itself
  • Decrease recovery times
  • Enable athletes to return to game play earlier
  • Decrease the severity of subsequent concussions
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