Relief for Concussions & Brain Injuries in Barrie & Ottawa

How to Repair Concussions and Head Injuries – and Heal Migraines, Dizziness, Learning Disabilities, ADHD, Behavior Problems and More

By Dr. Roger Turner DC and Dr. Michael Fiske DC

Concussions can cause an alarming number of symptoms, which will only become more severe if you are concussed again. You may experience painful headaches, brain fog, forgetfulness, inability to sleep, ADD symptoms, anger and irritability, learning problems – all very disruptive to your life and happiness. Until recently, the only treatment for concussions has been no treatment, other than rest and "wait and see." But this non-treatment provides only limited healing at best. Now for the first time there is a truly effective concussion solution, capable of reversing and healing head injuries.

Over the past 23 years, Dr. Roger Turner DC of Toronto, Canada has developed a powerful system for treating concussions and any other type of head trauma – coming from as far back as early childhood, or even from the birth process itself. A forceps delivery or vacuum extraction can cause significant cranial malformation. As a toddler you fell and hit your head hundreds of times learning to walk. Falling off a swing, bike or skateboard, wrestling, football, baseball, or cheerleading accidents, skiing accidents, car accidents… there are (unfortunately) so many ways that your head can be injured.

Dr. Turner's revolutionary treatment can, in most cases, reverse concussion and head injury symptoms and restore your full brain function. I am very fortunate to have been personally trained by Dr. Turner, and I have seen remarkable results in my clinic (which I will write about in my next article). This current article is adapted from Dr. Roger Turner's comprehensive book, Concussion Culture.

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