New Local and Out-of-Town Chiropractic Patients in Ontario

We have been able to help many people who were not making progress with their current treatment program and were unable to come to our clinic. We can help you make some informed choices and connect you with the right people in your area.

New Patient Form

New Patient Forms – Please complete these forms and bring to first appointment. Complete the forms and select the appropriate questionnaire(s) that best relate to your situation.

Learn More About the CATS Workshop - New Patient Video

At the Turner Concussion and Wellness Centre, we recommend our patients watch this video before their second appointment. Please click here to view the video.


New Patient Form PDF

Download New Patient Form (PDF)

Out-of-Town Patient Information PDF

Download Out-of-Town Patient Information (PDF)

Special Needs Children -

Parent Questionnaire PDF

Please complete this questionnaire if you are a parent of a special needs child.

Download the Parent Questionnaire

Special Needs Child Questionnaire PDF

Please complete this questionnaire for your special needs child.

Download the Special Needs Child Questionnaire

New Patient Form

Out of Town Protocol

Treatment protocol for 1 week (3 days) or 2 weeks (6 days).

We practise in the Barrie office on Tuesday and Wednesday and are now taking patients at our Ottawa location. It is recommended that you arrive in Barrie on the Monday night to be rested and ready for Tuesday morning. The initial consultation is done in the Barrie office on the Tuesday at 11:00 AM. This consists of reviewing the patient history forms, a consultation with Dr. T and an examination to see what has been missed and if we can help. For more information on our new Ottawa location, read more about Dr. Rory Turner and contact our office today.

A detailed description of the findings is presented. If we can help, you will be informed after the examination and recommendations will be made.

The usual protocol, if we can help, is 5 treatments a day for 3 to 6 days. The purpose of this schedule is to get as many adjustments as possible in the 3 to 6 days. We have found over the last 22 years that this intensity is what makes the difference. Major corrections can be achieved which usually translate into desirable results.

The treatments are usually spaced between 45 minutes to an hour apart. It is impossible to predict results as each case is very different. With special needs children, some are more co-operative and some are more severe than others. Therefore, results will vary. What we strive to do is get as much correction to the spine and skull as possible in the 3 or 6 day procedure, and then refer the patient to a C.A.T.S. practitioner close to them for continuing care.

In the first 3 days, changes are usually noticeable. In the next 6 days, considerable correction is possible. We will make diet, supplementation and exercise recommendations that can be followed at home.

We are available for telephone or e-mail follow-up to ensure the best possible continuing care.

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